From Kitchen to packing and serving our hotel line of products meet every demand of the hotels and restaurants. Our products follow all food safety guidelines; the products are made from materials such as high-quality non-woven fabric, food-safe latex and ensures durability and comfort while wearing. Below are some of our star products in the healthcare line, contact us to get the full product details and pricing.

Disposable Chef Hats







Chefs like their hats to be of high quality, just like the foods they make. our chef hats are made from high quality non-woven fabric. This makes the hats durable and comfortable to wear.






Examination Gloves




We provide high quality Vinyl, Nitrile , and natural rubber gloves. These gloves are imported from Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Pack quantity : 100 nos


Cling Filim




Thong Guan (TG power wrap) are the global leaders in wrapping industry.


Wrap width: 30 cm and 40cm





Masks,Caps & Aprons



A huge collection of safety masks, caps, and aprons for various purposes in the hotel industry. All our products follow the industry standards.








We offer Industry’s top quality products at an affordable price.Please contact us to get the complete product details and Pricing.