Our bakery line of products are carefully selected from across the globe to ensure that our customers get the best in the industry. Our products allow our customers ‘bake and sell’ convenience and eliminate the hassle of buy, store, clean and maintain traditional baking molds and accessories. Below are some our star products in the baking line, contact us to get the full product details and pricing

Tulip Cups


Manufactured in the Switzerland, our Tulip Cups are made with grease-resistant paper and are available in a variety of colors including our exclusive house print – Brown Paper with Gold Scroll overlay. The petal tips give a beautiful modern look to muffins and cupcakes. We have 4 different sizes of Tulip cups, 3 of which can be baked in the same size pan



Baking Molds


The mold is constructed with a corrugated sidewall and base, featuring a brown background with a gold floret print overlay. Great for: cake, pie, yeast bread, quick bread and panettone. Available in diffrent sizes and shape

Bakery Cups


Our traditional Baking Cups, manufactured in the Italy, are made of grease-resistant paper. Additional sizes can be special ordered. Great for: cupcakes, muffins and cornbread




Apollo Doily Cake Boards

Apollo Doily Boards: They combine a rigid cake board center with a decorative doily edge. These boards are made of solid cardboard, laminated with a grease resistant high gloss gold finish impermeable to oils and moisture. The center area of the doily has an anti-slip embossing to reduce the risk of product movement during handling. These doilies make a beautiful presentation for: cakes, bûche de noël, roulades and tarts. Custom embossing is available

We offer Industry’s top quality products at an affordable price.Please contact us to get the complete product details and Pricing.